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I have always believed workers have the right to unionize and I support any efforts to fight for their well-being in the workplace. As an elected official, I believe it is my duty to do anything I can to support everyday citizens whose work bolsters our economy on both a local and national level. I have advocated for investments in infrastructure spending, which will create jobs for our local union workers, and I have pushed the administration to explore making critical upgrades to Nassau County buildings and properties.

Throughout the COVID pandemic it has been a top priority of mine to ensure workers are protected and have the tools they need to successfully and safely do their jobs. At the peak of the pandemic, our frontline workers were in serious need of supplies such as PPE that are essential to keeping themselves and their co-workers safe. In the past year, my office has worked with local organizations and hospitals to collect tens of thousands of PPE items for our frontline workers. Through community-based supply drives, we were able to provide workers with the tools that they needed to serve Nassau County, and I will continue to heed the call from workers to deliver them the supplies and resources they need.

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