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Student Debt

Student debt is overtaking credit card debt in this country. We need to allow students to refinance public debt and we need to cancel student loans for those that pursue public service.. What also will help fix this problem is free community college. I went to Nassau Community College, and it got me into Cornell, and it got me into Harvard. Community Colleges should be re-training centers for workers who have jobs that are outsourced. Community Colleges should give opportunities to kids like me across the country to get into some of the most elite schools in the nation. Community Colleges should be centers of innovation for vocations, and I am promising to fully fund them.

The cost of a college education has become exorbitantly high and the debt that students rack up as a result of this can be a huge detriment as young people start careers and families. This is why it is essential that we support students in pursuing an affordable education.

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