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Pandemic Preparedness

It has now been well over two years since the first confirmed American case of COVID-19. In the time since, we've seen over 80 million confirmed cases and surpassed 1 million deaths, while tens of millions of jobs have been upended and hundreds of thousands of businesses closed their doors only to never see them re-opened. 

After dealing with the wreckage of COVID-19, it would be reasonable to assume that America would have already set in motion a comprehensive plan of action to prepare for "the next COVID".

Yet the frightening reality is that we as a nation are woefully unprepared for the next pandemic. And we mustn’t kid ourselves that COVID will be the only pandemic we may see in our lifetimes.

The good news is that public health professionals have a plan for the US to prepare its defenses, and I commit to taking a leading role in ensuring that these policy recommendations are enacted once I am in Congress. 

They include:

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