Ethics and Transparency


Nassau County has been involved in MANY corruption scandals.  Partisanship grinds government to a halt and only those with influence gain benefit.  I will shine a bright light on what decisions government makes, and I will never back down from tough decisions because of politics. I will be both aggressive and unapologetic introducing ethics reforms to make government more accountable to the taxpayers.


Term Limits

We need term limits for our county legislators. The Nassau County Legislature should be in the business of running Nassau County, and not worrying about being re-elected.


Creation of an Independent Anti-Corruption Officer 

In response to unethical deals made by the current County Executive, we now need legislative approval for all contracts valued at $1,000. This is the pendulum swinging TOO far to the other side. Surely, there needs to be reasonableness in allowing government to function in a balanced way. With a $3 Billion dollar budget, surely there is a better way to respond to years of dirty dealing. Nassau District Attorney Madeleine Singas called for the creation of an Independent Anti-Corruption officer in her testimony to the Legislature last year. This will put in place a mechanism to evaluate the contracts issued and hold those decision makers accountable.  


Complete Disclosure and Contribution Limits for County Contractors

Despite a law requiring Nassau contractors to reveal their campaign contributions, dozens have given nearly $200,000 that never appeared on disclosures — most of it to political party committees with close ties to top county officials.” We must act to close this loophole and others– their existence are only leaves us open to corruption. New York City, Orange County and the Town of Greenburgh in Westchester County have laws in place limiting vendors contributions.  Perhaps if we did the same, the tax assessment lobby would not have been so effective in having their proposals enacted, which acted like a band-aid on a bullet wound in the tax assessment solutions chosen by the current county executive.



All too often, elected officials vote on issues in which they are not held accountable– they are not forced to provide a justification for their vote, it is difficult to retrieve records of their votes taken, and they often simply vote along party lines. I will provide a written justification for the votes I take in office on Facebook. This information will be made public for the voters to hold me accountable.


Full Financial Disclosure for Candidates

If you run for elected office, you should be mandated to disclose to the public the entirety of your income, investments, and holdings. This will be a top priority for me as a Nassau County Legislator. What are our elected officials hiding? Taxpayers have a right to know this information about their elected representatives, and I will personally lead by example in disclosing all this information.


How easily are you able to connect with your elected officials? Not their staffs, not an office intern, but the actual office holder? I promise the voters of the 18th Legislative District that I will hold bi-monthly town halls, in different towns throughout the district, that are open to the public. I will field every question from citizens at these town halls, and will record these town halls on Facebook Live so that anyone with internet access can also participate.


Mailers with Taxpayer Dollars

How often do you receive a piece of mail with the name and face of a legislator on it, under the guise of a “tax grievance workshop” or some other ostensible government program? This is called the “franking privilege,” and our elected representatives have the audacity to use taxpayer dollars to boost their own name recognition. I will never use this privilege, and any mail sent will never be paid for with public dollars.

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Substance Abuse

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Tax Assessment