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Intern With Us!

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We are seeking interns to join our movement to elect Josh Lafazan to New York's 3rd Congressional District. If you are interested in politics or would like a unique and exciting internship this is the perfect opportunity!

Our interns gain valuable hands-on experience working closely with Josh and his senior staff to connect with voters. Interns will learn how campaigns work and acquire some new skills in the process, including sharpening their communication skills. Interns will assist with social media outreach and campaign events. There will be guest speakers from a variety of different sectors for students to engage with weekly. Also, interns accrue volunteer hours and receive a personal recommendation from Josh for their future endeavors.

This is also a great opportunity to meet fellow students with similar interests and make new friends! We will have fun events with Josh and his team to celebrate their hard work.

From the beginning, Josh has focused on empowering young people to get involved at every level of politics. Our interns are not only part of something bigger than themselves, but they learn their voice is powerful. When running for Nassau County Legislator, hundreds of young people were inspired to join the campaign helping Josh secure a victory in every race. Our internship programs have received national coverage for their ability to inspire young people and cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Josh's campaign is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for New Yorkers to elect someone focused on their future instead of the candidate's future. We want you to be part of our movement for positive change!

Program Requirements:

  • The program will run June 27, 2022 - August 23, 2022
  • Attend 2 weekday sessions per week. (18 total sessions to be considered a full-time Lafazan Intern)
  • Sessions are Monday - Thursday from 2pm - 7pm
  • Attend 1 training session
  • Attend 1 campaign event
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