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I have a unique family perspective on the issue of immigration. My grandmother is a Cuban immigrant and my grandfather is a refugee of the Holocaust. They immigrated to this country, built a middle-class life in Brooklyn, and raised a family here. We absolutely should make it easier for people to come here, and come here legally through the process. We have 11 million people in this country who are undocumented, so of course we are going to have to pass some sort of pathway to citizenship for those 11 million.

Countries have a right to secure their borders. But we have a moral, economic, and global obligation to support immigration into this country.

Regarding DACA, this country is the only country these young people have ever called home, and if you look at the accomplishments of the recipients of DACA, they are some of our brightest young people. A country of 315 million people is big enough to include those DACA recipients; they make this country a better place.

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