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Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence is a uniquely American epidemic. More Americans die at the hands of gun violence here than in any other industrialized nation. I’ve tackled gun violence at the county level where I co-sponsored a safe storage bill to keep guns out of the hands of children. And I proposed the “Scott J. Beigel Gun Violence Prevention Bill” which would authorize and direct the Nassau County Police Department to check the identity and home address of an individuals transported involuntarily by an officer for physiatric evaluation against the Nassau County Police Department’s Pistol License Registry and the Nassau County Sheriff’s Pistol License Registry. The County would then take necessary action to keep guns out of the hands of these individuals.There is room for bipartisan cooperation to achieve progress in this realm like we’ve seen here in the county.

We need to ensure that universal background checks are in place, so that domestic abusers don’t get their hands on guns, so that people who don’t pass mental health checks don’t get their hands on guns, and so that the no fly no buy list is upheld. And we also need to get illegal guns off our streets and make our communities safer by banning military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines. I’ve done it as a legislator and I will do it again as a Member of Congress.

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