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Josh believes that safety is paramount to quality of life. Throughout his time in the Legislature, Josh has worked alongside law enforcement and first responders to protect and ensure the safety of his constituents. Josh sees bipartisan consensus that bail reform needs to be amended - we need to give judicial discretion back to judges to hold in place those who are most dangerous. Josh is the only Democrat in the race taking a stand against efforts to defund the police. Josh has been previously endorsed by police unions for his work on public safety, and will continue to take action to make Long Island and Queens communities safe.

Josh believes there are issues with our current criminal justice system, especially when it comes to mental health and regarding our treatment of economically disadvantaged communities. Josh has always been a strong advocate for making mental health resources available to all who need them, and has passed a resolution to set up a committee to study alternative approaches to mental health response and intervention for law enforcement officers in Nassau County. Josh is prepared to tackle criminal justice reform and ensure that economically disadvantaged communities are treated fairly under the law. 

In Office Josh…

  • Reopened police precincts and increased patrols in our communities
  • Funded new license plate readers and camera technology to apprehend criminals
  • Secured grants for new police cars, ambulances, and life-saving technology, making it easier for our first responders to respond to emergencies
  • Worked to bolster security for our houses of worship
  • Bolstered intelligence-based policing to reduce gang violence and the flow of illegal drugs into our communities
  • Spearheaded the introduction of body cameras into the Nassau County Police
  • Reviewed law enforcement protocols for mental health-related calls to keep our community safe and ensure that law enforcement is responding appropriately to mental health crises
  • Passed a resolution to set up a committee to study alternative approaches to mental health response and intervention for Nassau County law enforcement officers

In Congress Josh Will…

  • Never defund the police - because Josh knows law enforcement needs tools and resources to keep our communities safe
  • Fight to obtain more resources for school safety officers to ensure schools have appropriate mental health resources for students and more resources for our first responders to keep us safe
  • Increase federal funding for first responders
  • Continue to open new police precincts, and fund new police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks for New York’s first responders
  • Pass universal background checks, ban assault weapons, and enact red flag laws to keep guns out of the hands of those with mental illness, and keep our communities safe from gun violence
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