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Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is one of today's most pressing and threatening issues. We need to come together and develop concrete plans to improve our quality of life, and ensure everyone is doing their part to keep our air and water clean. In Josh’s capacity as a Legislator, he supported and called for legislation aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. Josh worked with his colleagues in the Legislature and members of the community to make Nassau County cleaner and more energy-conscious.

Urgent and bold action must be taken by our federal government to reduce carbon emissions, reverse the warming of our planet, and reduce pollution. As a Legislator, Josh didn’t wait for the federal government to take action. Through his leadership, substantial investments were made in renewable resources and to our environment. Because of his efforts in the Legislature, Nassau County has become a climate smart community for the first time in its history. We have made great strides toward becoming more energy efficient and cleaning precious waterways across the Long Island Sound and Long Island’s South Shore.

New York will continue to feel the strong impacts of the climate crisis for years to come. We have already taken many steps to preserve our wildlife, but there is still so much work to do - we must continue to take steps to prevent further damage to our climate worldwide before it is too late. We need to reduce the high nitrogen levels in our waterways, invest in coastal resilience, hold polluters accountable, and increase our utilization of renewable resources to protect our environment - and that is just the beginning.

In Congress, Josh will make our climate a top priority. Expanding upon the work he started in the Legislature, Josh will fight for policies that will improve our climate on a larger scale.

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