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Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing and threatening issues that we as a society face today. We need to come together and develop concrete plans to improve our quality of life and make sure everyone is doing their part to keep our air and water clean. In my capacity as a Legislator I have supported and called for legislation that is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. I was proud to co-sponsor a 5 cent bag fee in the hopes of drastically reducing plastic bag usage, I strongly supported the Bay Park Project to significantly decrease nitrogen levels in our waterways, I pushed for the establishment of I/A OWTS grants to help homeowners replace aging septic systems, and I advocated to make Nassau a Climate Smart Community. I have worked with my colleagues and other organizations on a local level to make Nassau County a more clean and energy-conscious place to live and as a Member of Congress I plan on expanding upon what I have done thus far to improve our climate on a larger scale.

I want to get federal funds to clean up the Long Island Sound to help our baymen, and to help our clammers and our wildlife. I want to get federal money for renewable energy - to bring down energy costs and to have more electric charging stations along the North Shore. I want to get money to combat air pollution, to make sure - specifically in Queens and in our densely populated areas - that our kids are breathing clean air. And of course I want to get federal dollars to clean up the Grumman-Navy Plume, which has to be a number one priority. It is important that as a community we hold each other accountable and make a commitment to be as energy efficient as possible. 

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