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Why we're wearing orange

In the wake of a week of gun violence, our campaign is standing up to say enough is enough. This weekend, Team Lafazan was proud to be a part of national Wear Orange Weekend to show our strong support for gun safety reform.

meaghan, the only way we're ever going to see gun safety reform is if we expand our Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. So please, donate $14 now to support our campaign to enact commonsense gun laws nationwide.

Our Republican opponent in this race talks big about wanting to keep our schools safe. And yet, he refuses to support taking any steps – banning assault weapons, establishing universal background checks, even passing safe storage laws – to protect our children. All he's done is follow the same playbook gun extremists have followed for years: offer empty thoughts and hollow prayers and wait for the public to move on.

Well we're not letting the gun lobby or their do-nothing politicians off the hook this time, meaghan. Chip in $14 right now to stand up to gun violence extremists and protect our community.

More to come,


Posted on June 5, 2022.