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Two weeks out. Let’s make them count!

We only have two weeks until Election Day. (And only FOUR days until early voting starts!)

That's just over 300 hours to reach voters through knocking on doors, making calls, and sending things in the mail.

That's just fourteen days to make every voter see our TV and digital ads.

That's just two Tuesdays to get out the vote.

It's crunch time.

Early voting starts this week on Saturday, August 13. Debates are underway. Voters all across the district are making their decisions now.

You can make your plan to vote, find your nearest early vote location, or confirm your Election Day polling place today by visiting joshlafazan.com/howtovote/.

The next two weeks are our last chance to build a broad grassroots coalition and win this election.

The polls are showing that this is going to be an incredibly close race, so it's essential for us to be able to maintain all of our forms of voter contact in these last two weeks. Unfortunately, we still have a large budget gap that needs to be filled in order for us to remain competitive in this race. This is the most valuable time for you to make a contribution that will go right into helping us communicate directly with voters and get us over the finish line.

Can you rush a contribution today to be a part of our final push?

All along, we've been making the case that Josh is the best candidate to beat the Republican nominee and represent this district. That's because Josh has been fighting for this community since before he could vote.

Josh has spent his entire adult life in public service. He knows that good leaders set good examples by leading from the front. And he knows that the best solutions happen when every voice is heard.

We could not be more excited about all the great things Josh Lafazan will get done in Congress. From keeping our streets safe to lowering the cost of health care, Josh will fight for common sense solutions that lift up every American.

But we still need your help to get Josh to Congress. Please chip in now and let's get Josh across the finish line.

More to come!

Team Lafazan

Posted on August 9, 2022.
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