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They defended our democracy with everything they had

The January 6th hearings are showing the American people just how close we were to losing our democracy on that dark day, and just how much gratitude we owe to the brave officers of the Capitol Police.

On January 6th, those officers, along with the DC police, stood their ground and put their lives on the line, even though they knew they were outnumbered by the thousands.

Capitol Police officer Caroline Edwards testified that after she had been knocked unconscious by rioters, she woke up and rejoined the line.

Take a minute to reflect on that level of courage.

After that, she tended to wounded police officers and even tried to hold a different line until she was attacked with bear spray.

Caroline Edwards is a hero who did everything she could to protect the Capitol and defend our democracy.

She's not alone. Brian Sicknick to Eugene Goodman to Daniel Hodges – the Capitol Police and DC police will forever be our national heroes.

We must honor their valor and sacrifice by holding those accountable who committed these grave crimes against our democracy and against our brave police officers.

It is my hope that every single insurrectionist, especially those who incited the violence and planned an attempted coup, are held accountable.

Our very democracy depends on it.


Posted on June 12, 2022.
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