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The Lafazan Internship is Back! Applications Now Open:

From the very beginning, our campaign has been different. Josh Lafazan is a different kind of politician. And we're running a different kind of campaign.

This country needs to cultivate the next generation of leaders. If elected, Josh would be the youngest Democrat in Congress. And that's why Team Lafazan is committed to a big, bold program that finds and mobilizes new leaders in our community.

We are inviting young people throughout the region to join our movement today!

When Josh ran for the Nassau County legislature, hundreds of young people were inspired to join "Lafazan's Army." Over 200 interns became engaged campaigners for Josh, learned how to organize, and helped him win. This innovative and inspiring program even received coverage from The New York Times.

Now, we're relaunching the intern program for Josh's congressional campaign. Watch this video to learn more:

Spring Interns

These high school and college students will come away from this program having accomplished something purposeful, learned how to organize in politics, connected with citizens in their community, and made great friends while having fun as a part of our intern community.

Working side by side with Josh, campaign manager Chase Serota, and our senior campaign team, these young people will learn about and be involved in every aspect of our political campaign. Interns may even go on to help run one of our future campaigns as all of our campaign staff started out as Lafazan Interns!

To learn a little bit more about our intern programs, check out Fox 5's coverage, or coverage from Pix 11.

What makes a student a good fit for our campaign?
* Students who are interested in politics and government * Students who want to be involved within their community * Students who have not yet found an internship this school year and want to do something meaningful outside of the classroom

We have three age-based programs:

  1. College students can sign up here.
  2. High school students can sign up here.
  3. Supporters of all ages can sign up to be a volunteer here.

Josh's campaign for Congress is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for New Yorkers to elect someone focused on your future instead of the candidate's future. And we want you to be part of our movement for positive change.

This election is critical. We're already in a tight primary, and we expect the general election to be even tougher. We won't win on hope alone. Sign up to join our team.

Please share this email with parents, students, or anyone who may know of a young person who might benefit from this experience.

Community members like you have helped our team grow our internship program in the past, and we remain forever grateful for your continued help and support.

Our interns gain important skills and experience, but more importantly, they become engaged in our nation's democracy. We're proud of our internship program. And we are going to be even more proud when our volunteer army elects Josh Lafazan to Congress.

We can't wait for you to be a part of this historic movement!

Team Lafazan

P.S. Please consider supporting our internship program with a grassroots donation here.

Posted on March 7, 2022.
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