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The kind of Congressman I will be

The first election I ever got to cast my ballot in was all the way back in 2012. I was excited to be part of the democratic process – to vote for candidates who I thought would put their egos aside and fight on behalf of my community.

But it hasn't always turned out that way. It seems like politicians are lying more than ever. Corruption abounds, even here in Nassau County. Worst of all, politicians are so focused on beating the other side that nothing gets done.

I'm running for Congress to change all of that. And I need your help. Let's build a movement that's bigger than the partisan divide and will change Washington from the ground up. Chip in $18 to join our campaign today.

I appreciate rigorous debate as much as any other leader. In fact, I relish it. Listening to the other side is how we learn more about ourselves.

But passionate debates have devolved into pointless schoolyard fights. No one is listening to one another. And the problems in our communities are piling up.

Politics isn't about partisan squabbles.

Politics is about keeping our neighborhoods and families safe.

Politics is about making sure our future is secure through public education and job creation.

In short, politics is about you and me and the people we love.

I'm never going to forget that. And in Congress, I'll make sure every one of my colleagues remembers that they're there to serve, not grandstand. So please, donate $18 today and remind politicians in Washington that their job is so much bigger than their petty disputes.

It's about us.

More to come,


Posted on April 24, 2022.
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