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Sign my petition: Term limits for Congress

Every two years voters have a chance to pick new leaders of the country. But the members of Congress who sit in office for decades and decades abuse that system.

Our founders intended us to have a system of representative government where members of a community would come to Washington to offer voices on behalf of their friends and neighbors, and then go back home and let other people have a turn.

When I go to Congress, I will propose a constitutional amendment to limit members of the House and Senate to twelve years.

To make it happen, we're going to need a public groundswell of support. Will you sign my petition in support of term limits for Congress?

For far too long, we have seen the men and women elected to serve in Congress stay for decades and decades. They lose touch with the very people they have sworn an oath to represent and that is no good for anyone.

We need fresh ideas and fresh leadership. It's how our nation grows.

But, as a nation, we lose out on those fresh ideas and leadership every time we send the same career politicians back to Washington.

More to come,


Posted on February 23, 2022.
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