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Petitioning is underway!

Petitioning to get on the ballot is underway in New York.

My team and I are out every day knocking on doors and collecting signatures. We need 1250 signatures to qualify for the June primary, but we aim to collect several thousand so we have a healthy cushion. Will you chip in $3 to help our signature-gathering efforts?

Everyone who answers the door asks me the same question: "Why are you running?"

Here's my answer:

I'm running because the problems of the past cannot be solved by the leaders of the past. We need a new generation of leaders who will reinvigorate this country with new ideas.

I'm running because too many politicians on both sides of the aisle are intent on dividing us for political gain instead of working together for the national interest. At 28 years old I will be the youngest Democrat in the House of Representatives. But given the bickering and fighting in Washington, you can bet that I'll be the adult in the room.

And I'm running because I truly care about every American. In Congress I'm going to set my personal politics aside and do what's best for our district and our country — even if that upsets members of my own party.

Collecting signatures is the most critical period of my campaign so far. My team and I are working day and night to meet our goal.

It's an honor to be out there asking for community support. I'm counting on my supporters across the district to win this primary, and then to win in November. Can I count on you to donate $3 to help me build a winning campaign?

More to come,


Posted on March 9, 2022.
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