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NEW POLL: Released 6 HOURS ahead of fundraising deadline, Lafazan is tied for FIRST

With just 6 hours left until the final, most significant end-of-quarter fundraising deadline of this campaign, Newsday has just reported the results of the first poll released of this race, and we couldn't be happier with the results:

Josh is tied for the lead with Jon Kaiman and Robert Zimmerman is way behind:


Lafazan tied for 1st! Zimmerman in 3rd place

Please donate $18 now to help Josh raise the last $12,000 before midnight tonight and propel him to be the clear frontrunner!

Kaiman starts off as a strong challenger, but Josh outraised him nearly 3 to 1, as of last quarter, when we reported raising over $1 million.

As the only candidate with both financial resources and a strong base of support, Josh is very well positioned for the final stretch of this race before the August 23 primary.

The proof is in the numbers. Not only have we raised over $1 million, our campaign has recruited 150 interns. And we've had thousands of conversations with voters who've all told us they're ready for a new generation of leadership.

As our campaign ramps up for the final leg of the race, please donate $18 now to get us across the finish line. Your grassroots donation by midnight tonight will turbocharge our efforts from now till the August primary election.

This moment requires more than the same old tired politics of the past. 21st century problems require 21st century solutions, and Josh's opponents aren't equipped to deliver those kinds of solutions. With so many historic developments on important issues like abortion and guns, this race could not be more important. Josh has been leading the charge on both issues in the Nassau County Legislature, and we need his leadership in Congress now more than ever.

That's why our forward-looking, common sense platform is resonating with so many voters.

The June 30 deadline is our last, biggest chance before the August primary election to show just how strong our message is. So please, chip in $18 now and be a part of our growing movement to change Washington.*

More to come,

Chase Serota

Campaign Manager

Posted on July 1, 2022.
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