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My commitment to you on Earth Day:

Today is Earth Day, a global day of action on climate change. It's important for all of us to be clear about our commitment to protect the environment. So today, I'm making these commitments to you:

✔️ I believe the science on climate change is clear, and I will take on those in Congress who obstruct meaningful action.

✔️ In Congress, I'll work to reduce our country's carbon footprint through the development of renewable energy.

✔️ I'll work to make our economy greener, which will create millions of jobs while saving the planet.

✔️ And I will always fight to protect our precious Long Island Sound from those who would pollute it for profit and continue to deliver federal grants to preserve the Sound for generations to come.

Climate change is not theoretical. We're living with the consequences of yesterday's decisions. And future generations will have to live the consequences of the decisions we make today. To that end, combating climate change can't be a theoretical exercise. We all have to make a difference in our communities now.

It's not enough to punish polluters. We also have to reward good actors while stimulating the economy. Here in Nassau County, I'm sponsoring a bill incentivising developers to build green by cutting fees for developers who upgrade their properties.

The end result is government and business working together to create greener communities.

The only way we can have a real climate revolution is with a broad coalition of partners. No one government agency or company can do it alone. We've all got to unite towards a common goal and fight for our climate together.

I'm proud to be part of that movement today and every day.

More to come,


Posted on April 22, 2022.
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