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Momentum – We owe it to you! [GIF]

Want to know the one word that describes our campaign?


Check it out:


As of today, Josh has officially raised the most out of any candidate in this race, and it's all thanks to supporters like you who've believed in our message since the beginning!

Let's keep it up: Chip in $19 now to get this movement across the finish line!

We're going into the last 6 weeks of the race as the most well funded campaign and having outraised all our opponents, including one of our opponents who has spent his entire career as a "longtime Democratic fundraiser"!

We started this campaign as the underdog.

But you know what?

Our campaign now has all this momentum because Josh is the only candidate standing up for the values and common sense ideas that we know voters in our congressional district support. At 28, Josh is uniquely qualified to bring an outsider's perspective to Washington and disrupt business as usual to get results, just as he's done as a school board member and Nassau County Legislator.

And it's why our grassroots operation is growing every single day.

Just within the past few weeks we've achieved so much:

-ABC News' FiveThirtyEight has us listed as the presumptive Democratic nominee and as projected to win the General Election in November.

-We've earned the most consequential endorsement of this race: our Congressman Tom Suozzi has recommended Josh to be his successor.

-We're leading in the polls.

-We've put together a team of over 250 highly motivated interns to fuel our on the ground field operation.

-And now, we've raised over $1.5 Million, which is more than any candidate in this race!

None of these things would be possible without you. Please consider chipping in $19 to help our winning team get across the finish line together.

More to come!

Chase Serota

Campaign Manager, Josh Lafazan for Congress

Posted on July 17, 2022.
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