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Less than 48 hours to go-Laying it all on the line

First and foremost, this election is about change.

We know Washington is broken. Radical ideologues have polluted our political discourse. Partisan officials spend more time scoring political hits on T.V. than they do working for the people they serve. The result? A divided nation and a government that doesn't deliver.

This election is about common sense.

The solutions to a lot of our nation's problems aren't secrets; we know that fully-funded police departments keep our streets safe. We know that keeping abortion legal means keeping abortion safe. We know that empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices will make prescriptions cheaper. And we know that public policy can be used to make the economy work for everyone. We know all these things and more. It just takes the courage to get it done.

Which brings me to my last point:

This election is about electing an outsider.

My opponents in this race have spent decades as career political insiders, enriching themselves while losing touch with the problems facing Long Island's working families. I'm the only candidate in this election who's ready to challenge the status quo, bring a true outsider's perspective to Washington, and disrupt politics from the ground up.

Here's my pitch to you: if you want to elect a leader who's going to change Washington with common sense ideas and an outsider's perspective, then vote for me.

More to come!


Posted on August 21, 2022.
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