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Exciting News! What ABC News’s FiveThirtyEight says about our race:

I'm a numbers guy, through and through.

And the numbers for our campaign are looking great.

Over $1.5 million raised.

Tied for 1st in the polls.

Over 200 interns.

And now, this:


That's right: FiveThirtyEight has declared us the presumptive Democratic nominee and named our campaign the odds-on favorite to beat Republican George Devolder-Santos in November after we win our primary on August 23rd.

All this momentum wouldn't be possible without our grassroots supporters like you. As we get closer to the August 23 primary, will you chip in $6 to keep our momentum going?

We've built this campaign around common sense, win-win solutions to everyday problems. We all want safe streets, affordable healthcare (which includes access to abortion and contraceptives!) and an economy that works for everyone.

And we want politicians who share those ideals and can deliver in Washington.

That's why I'm in this fight. With your help, our campaign will take the message to Washington that we're fed up with business as usual: partisan squabbles, showboating, and obstructionism. We're ready for action. For service. For solutions.

Donate $6 today and keep our momentum going and make sure every voter in the district hears our message of how we'll disrupt politics and change Washington from the ground up.

More to come!


Posted on July 7, 2022.
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