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Check out our first TV ad!

I have some exciting news:

Our first T.V. ad is on the air! And we're the first and only campaign on the air so far!

Click here to see it now!


This ad perfectly demonstrates what our campaign is all about: Talking directly to Long Islanders about common sense solutions to lower the cost of prescription drugs, make the economy work for everyone, and keep our streets safe.

Here's another fact: if every voter in the district hears our message and sees our ad, we'll win this election. Chip in $3 now to make sure we can get our message out to every corner of New York's Third.

We've had hundreds of conversations with voters. Every single one of those conversations has revealed that voters are tired of politics as usual and are hungry for a fresh approach to government.

Well, this movement is all about a fresh approach. Let's make sure everyone knows it.

I'm counting on you to donate $3 to get this ad in front of every voter before the August 23 primary. Donate $3 today, and let's get across the finish line together.

More to come!


Posted on July 18, 2022.
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