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Baby formula price gougers need to be held accountable

I'm as alarmed as you are by the nation's baby formula shortage, which has left so many Long Island families struggling to feed their children. And this crisis makes clear that rising prices, shortages and inflation is not only an economic disaster, it's a humanitarian and health care disaster.

That's why I'm pressing federal and local officials to take action now to address the crisis.

First, we have to get prices under control. Price gouging is a sinister, immoral act that is harming families across Long Island and families all across New York.

I've called on Nassau County to create an independent hotline for residents to directly report price gouging. I am also urging the Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs to investigate any and all instances of merchants overcharging for baby formula and hold price gougers accountable.

We also need the federal government to step up. That's why I'm calling on the federal government to allow the importation of baby formula to help alleviate the current supply strain. We need to get baby formula to families – immediately.

We also need more competition in the baby formula industry. Right now, there are only three baby formula producers in the entire country. More competition will mean lower prices for families, but just as importantly, if something goes wrong with one of these companies (and it did) we won't have a shortage crisis on our hands. It's a no-brainer.

Taking advantage of people during times of crisis is unacceptable; taking advantage of families trying to feed their infants is immoral. We must hold price gougers accountable and our federal government needs to step up and help address the baby formula crisis now.

For all of our families, the time for action is now.


Posted on May 18, 2022.
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