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A government that works for you

It's been a tough week for New York.

First, Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin was arraigned in federal court on bribery charges. And earlier today, former Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was sentenced to 12 years in jail in his own bribery case.

We have a long way to go to restore people's trust in government, and the first step is making sure that no one is above the law. While I'm obviously disappointed in these two men, I'm encouraged to see our justice system holding powerful people accountable.

New York was home of the old Tammany Hall Machine, which was infamous for government corruption. Politicians took bribes and gave kickbacks routinely and shamelessly.

And no one ever had to answer for it.

That's not the case today. When politicians involve themselves in pay-for-play schemes, they get caught, arrested, and jailed. This week's news on government corruption, no matter how concerning, is proof that the system works.

But there is so much more work to do to clean up government. And politicians must have the courage and urgency to act.

In the Nassau Legislature, I'm fighting for increased transparency from our elected officials and an increase in staffing for the Inspector General's office that holds them accountable.

As a member of Congress, I'll push for that same transparency, and will also support banning members of Congress from selling stocks. And, as I always have, I support term limits for members of Congress, so that power won't become entrenched.

Our government only works when the people have faith in their institutions and lawmakers. Those reforms are key first steps in restoring that trust.

More to come,


PS- Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all who celebrate.

Posted on April 15, 2022.
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