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Blockchain Innovation & Building a 21st Century Economy

Cryptocurrency is more prevalent now than before, and I believe that Cryptocurrency is a positive force for good in the world not only as a new technology but as a tool for financial freedom.

As a Member of Congress, I plan on expanding upon what I have done thus far to improve our Crypto on a larger scale. 

Blockchain Innovation & Building a 21st Century Economy


On March 9th, President Biden signed an Executive Order to study and formulate a comprehensive government strategy for digital assets. This Executive Order is a moment of enormous importance for cryptocurrency in America, and provides the United States a number of crucial opportunities. Chief among them, this Executive Order is an opportunity for the Federal Government to acknowledge that blockchain technology is an enormously important innovation that is here to stay. Further, the United States must establish clarity and support blockchain security for this market, and work to develop a strategic plan to enhance national economic competitiveness. Lastly, the United States must formulate plans to help broaden awareness and understanding of crypto, which public schools and trusted online resources can play a role in.


Our leadership in this space will drive massive job creation in the United States, coupled with strengthening national economic competitiveness in an increasingly global economy. Although Crypto has been gaining momentum since 2008, we must act with awareness and urgency. We must beat back misinformation surrounding crypto and its applications such as predominant illicit use, wasteful energy consumption, and risks from quantum computing. I believe strongly that crypto is a positive force for good in the world not only as a new technology, but as a tool for financial freedom.


In Congress, I will work with Republicans and Democrats to build a supportive ecosystem that helps drive forward progress on blockchain innovation. In the House, I will proudly champion the bi-partisan crypto framework sponsored by Senator Gillibrand and Senator Lummis. And, I will work diligently to modernize the broadband and wireless capabilities of our buildings and properties.

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